Maybe, just maybe, they believe his story over mine

To celebrate my PhD, my incredibly caring parents wrote me a personal letter. I'm really touched by their loving words, but something is bothering me. Their letters do not contain a single reference to the sexual abuse I suffered at the age of twelve... CONTINUE READING

‘Strong People Ask for Help’ and Other Helpful Thoughts

For as long as I remember, I've felt that I should deal with things by myself. When I was eight years old, for example, I broke my arm in a fall and for some reason decided not to tell anyone. Later, when I was being sexually abused, telling my parents never even crossed my mind...CONTINUE READING

An alarmingly familiar feeling

Being anonymous gave me a sense of freedom when I first started writing, but since recently it's been troubling me. Anonymous writing clashes with almost everything I strive for. Moreover, it has unwillingly reintroduced into my life the alarmingly familiar burden of secrets... CONTINUE READING