A cultural difference

Hearing a news report about older Iraqi men marrying and abusing eight-year-old girls, my mother sighs: "Oh come on, that's a cultural difference; that's just how things go over there..." I'm shocked. What did my mother, who's daughter still suffers the consequences of being abused at the age of twelve, just say? CONTINUE READING

Thankful in 2016: Elie Wiesel

Between his birth in 1928 and his death in 2016, Elie Wiesel was a writer, professor, human rights activist, Nobel Laureate and a Holocaust survivor. To me, he embodies the small percentage of ill-fated people who manages to not only deal with their past, but to constructively employ their life story for the benefit of others...

Maybe, just maybe, they believe his story over mine

To celebrate my PhD, my incredibly caring parents wrote me a personal letter. I'm really touched by their loving words, but something is bothering me. Their letters do not contain a single reference to the sexual abuse I suffered at the age of twelve... CONTINUE READING